The one where I am thrilled to be a vendor at Remnants of the Past!

I admit I didn’t even know about this show a few years ago.  Being a designer is one thing, having a shop and buying to fill it with mostly antiques is another, actually selling at one of the shows I would usually just shop at is way beyond my area of expertise.  Luckily, I know a lot of dealers, most notably artist and genius of re-use Colleen Faber.  She was a vendor at the Remnants show last fall, and she insisted I needed to sell there too and gave me oodles of advice and an in with Judy Watkins, who puts on the entire show.  Judy made some extra space this year and invited me to come, I am so excited!  Apparently I have a reputation for wonderful displays and of course people will be expecting it, and since the displays come only when the mood strikes me and never on demand, I had an idea.  My little pop-up clothing shop closed up last Saturday, and I am left with a big empty space just about as big as my booth will be at the show.  So, I’m taking the whole month to set up my booth here in the shop.  I have plenty of time to tweak it and make it real purty, then I can disassemble and reassemble with the help of pictures.  I won’t be giving it all away, just the bones of it, I need to save something for the show!  Mark your calenders for Remnants of The Past, April 30, in Nipomo.  Make a weekend of it, it should be a beautiful time of year in San Luis Obispo County and promises to be a fantastic show!

~ Scarlett

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