The one with the kewpie doll mold

I can’t even stand it. I saw these in the back of —–‘s car in Texas this past spring and have been waiting to get one in my hot little hands for months! It’s a mold from a baby doll! All brass, and all barnacle-y from many many pours of molten plastic inside of it. I love the baby doll head molds, but I love love love this guy. I’m not sure he’s for sale. There are a very limited number of these left on the planet. And just look at his butt! That’s the cutest little butt I ever saw!

I had no choice but to redesign my mantle, as someone had cleaned me out of tons of old books, a mirror, and other wonderful things. I love it now too…

New display on the wonderful shabby dresser.

The fab old bottles have found a nice home.

I still love the bookcase as is, but I’m sure my next shopping trip will require I make a change.

My favorite of the vintage Mexican school posters, weights and measures. $95 each

This vintage stainless steel dresser has just been dropped off after being stripped, I was placing it in the window, and someone pulled up, pointed to it and bought it on the spot. A very hot item.