the one with the most beautiful guest room

I love this room! Custom bed, antique engravings, Rough Linen duvet

Günther, great gate, Juliska light, the most awesomest Carlton V fabric

Custom Pillows
Karl in his finest

That we took the most terrible quality photos in, I apologize and hope to go back to get good shots. This was a room in one of three homes on the Summit League Homes for the Holidays tour. The showstopper in this room, besides the bones of the room itself, is the Carlton V linen. I had simple panels made and installed swing arm rods to make it easy to open those gorgeous original windows, and had pillows made as well. The  pillows in the front are galbraith and paul, the bolsters in back are two shades of Belgian linen. The bed is custom, and covered in Designers Guild linen. You can’t see but I also had the clients chair slipcovered in the same linen as the bed, and delivered the most amazing antique Georgian secretary I just brought back from Texas. Duvet cover is my favorite Rough Linen. Mark Uniat painted the walls and ceiling in Benjamin Moores Cloud White, actually to say he just painted is not quite right. He sanded, filled, sanded again, 2 coats of primer and 3 of paint. In all my years of specifying paint I have NEVER seen a paint job this beautiful. It glows, and begs to be touched.

I’d like to thank all of the ladies of the Summit League for making this a great experience, as always, and for choosing such a good charity this year, as always. Thank you as well to Colleen Faber and Maurice Connolly for all your  help.

~ Scarlett

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