Chipmunk Mug by Laura Zindel

Chipmunk Mug #2 by Laura Zindel

These mugs are my all time favorite. I love the size, and they are thick enough to keep your tea hot, but not too thick to make them hard to sip from.

This new chipmunk is just darling!

Laura Zindel is an artist and designer who combines her passion for ceramics and naturalist illustration into unique housewares. 

A ceramist by training, Laura has always loved to draw with a pencil. Her initial drawings on the surface of clay with a glaze pencil ultimately led her to the transfer process for creating commercial works; her drawings are now silkscreened and printed as enamel transfers. 

All Laura Zindel Dinnerware products are made in USA from creamy white high-resistance china. The inside of the mug has a brown glaze, as shown. These products are microwave and dishwasher safe, and durable enough for everyday use.

Measures: 4.25″ (16 oz)

Price: $42.00