Relationship: Client
Project Date: 2017
Since painting the entire home interior can cost quite a bit and cause quite a bit of inconvenience in our regular routine, we wanted a color consultant to get it right the first time around. We enlisted Scarlett’s help because her Houzz website conveys her strong understanding of colors.
Upon meeting up with her, she helped us picked multiple colors for different rooms. The colors flow seamlessly from one to other without feeling abrupt or overwhelming. Even before the house is painted, we feel confident as she was able to articulate the rationale behind the selected color schedule. Also we are not left with lingering regrets of not trying something different as Scarlett helped us explored other possibilities before settling on our current colors.
The entire process with Scarlett felt though and efficient. After re-painting our house interior, we got so many compliments on the color choices from friends and other contractors. Currently we are working with Scarlett on completing the interior design of our new home. Can’t wait to see how the final product will look 🙂
Relationship: Client
Project Date: 2017
Scarlett is a color consulting wizard!  She helped me choose colors that unify our interior.  After the walls were painted, Scarlett organized our art work.  We were so pleased with the results, that we asked Scarlett to recommend new lighting fixtures.  She found us easlily obtainable products at reasonable prices.  Scarlett is easy going, low pressure and a delight to work with.
Maurice Liang
Relationship: Client
Project Date: 2016/2017
Scarlett has a great sense of design for combining colors, textures and objects to create a timeless, integrated space. She visited my home once to get an idea of the spaces, light, and my personal style. After that she was able to work with me via text whenever I had a question about color, bedding and accessory purchases, and construction/remodel details. She kept me on track so I did not make expensive mistakes, and my home is really coming together nicely thanks to her.
Relationship: Client
Project date: May 2017 
Scarlett was awesome. Helped me define an interior and exterior color scheme for a home I just bought. Quick, easy, precise. Highly recommend. Will use again for interior design.
Relationship: Client
Project Date: September 2016
Scarlett has an amazing eye for color and design. I was in the midst of a kitchen remodel when I was referred to her by a friend. Scarlett brought her paint decks to my house and under somewhat pressure filled circumstances (my contractor was there waiting for me to pick out the paint colors!) she came up with a beautiful color for my open concept kitchen/family room. I was most impressed by her focus. She walked into a room which was in a raw state with primed walls and nothing else installed – no cabinets or counters. It was a mess actually with ladders and tools and everything everywhere. I showed her a cabinet door and a mock up of the new layout and what I was going for in terms of the feeling of the room. She came up with the most beautiful color – one that I never would have thought of on my own and one that has helped elevate the look of the space overall. It transformed the room completely and is one of my favorite things about the renovation. She also helped me with backsplash choices based on the countertop I had already chosen, and gave me great suggestions about lighting. She has an impeccable eye for details that make the difference! She was a real lifesaver and I only wish I had met her earlier in my remodel process. I can’t recommend Scarlett highly enough!
Relationship: Client
Project Date: June 2017
Scarlett has a fantastic eye for design! You will love the way she creates an aesthetic for your home!
Relationship: Client
Project Date: January 2017
Scarlett is amazing! In one hour she walked through the house we were purchasing and picked colors for us. The house was painted crazy colors including pink kitchen cabinets and walls! Now it looks super trendy and I never would have been able to pick those colors. She saved me money and time. Also, gave me countless tips on furniture and lighting. She has also continued to be available by email for any of my questions. If I ever do a major remodel I will call her in a heartbeat to come help plan the design. She is the best!
Relationship: Client
Project Date: July 2015
Scarlett was so helpful to us. She helped us create our dream kitchen! I wanted painted cabinets and had pictures and described to her what I wanted and she chose just the right paint color . She picked a backsplash , countertop , and lighting that tied everything together and look even better than I imagined. Our kitchen turned out so beautifully and would not have happened without Scarlett’s eye for color,,endless patience and her sense of style!
Relationship: Client
Project Date: May 2015
We hired Scarlet to consult on two projects; one interior and one remodel.
Scarlett has a very nice way about her that works well with all types of personalities.
She has very refined, sophisticated taste that focuses on quality.
Scarlett has a great resources for upholstery, window coverings, lighting and custom furniture.
Relationship: Client
Project Date: January 2014
Scarlett has the ability to listen to her clients dreams and wishes and is able to advise the perfect choices to execute the client’s vision. Scarlett has helped me create my home environment that works for a busy family of four while at the same time making it lovely and inviting. She has a unique eye to know what will work and not work for all types of spaces including our 1970s ranch style house. Her work is organic and timeless. She has modernized each room with our family’s personality without having to do a “major” remodel or break the bank. Scarlett works well with all types of industry people from contractors, to floor people to window treatment installers ~ she knows quality people. Hire her!
Ana Paula Prado Teeple
July 2016
“I absolutely love how you are mixing up with new things. Your store is a beautifully curated dream, but when it comes to my real life I could not always afford to make it happen in my house, so when you mix some new design in, it makes it real and achievable. The soul of your business will never change even when you mix it up a little. As usual well done.”
Relationship: Client
Project Date: January 2016

Scarlett has done colors for me at 4 different residences over the years, and each time she’s been easy to work with and helpful. I’m always pleased by the colors selected, and have saved God only knows how much time and money getting them right the first time with her help versus buying the wrong color and wasting time painting only to have to re-do it. I’d recommend Scarlett without hesitation for this service, and know that you’ll be glad you got her help!

Relationship: Client
Project Date: July 2014
The best design person in Santa Cruz County. Don’t call anybody else.
Fantastically creative ideas, budget conscious, quick turn around. A pleasure to work with.
Relationship: Client
Project Date: September 2014
I recently hired Scarlett to come to my home for paint color consultation and to discuss furniture placement. It was money well spent! The paint colors she chose are perfect. I certainly would have spent more money on repainting if I had gone with my original choices! I also learned a tremendous amount about furniture placement options and she made suggestions about simple additions of accent pieces that will give my living room a finished look. I can’t recommend Scarlett enough for private consultation. As an added bonus, she  has now seen my home and can recommend  items from her store that will most certainly look amazing.
Relationship: Client
Project Date: February 2013
Scarlett has helped us develop a vision for many of our interiors. She is an excellent listener & enjoys the challenge of developing & creating spaces to suit our lifestyle. Scarlett is amazing with color & texture. We have very interesting pieces in our home that Scarlett designed using repurposed items. Through Scarlett, we have some beautiful, soulful pieces created by local artisans. It is always interesting & very fun working with Scarlett.
Relationship: Colleague
Scarlett is known for her impeccable taste and curating. A visit to her shop is so inspiring. A mix of vintage artifacts wonderful textiles, art and beautiful lighting are just some of the wonderful things you’ll find. Don’t miss a chance to pick up a unique gift or a fun find for your home. 
Scarlett’s sense of color and ability to arrange accessories is magical.
Relationship: Client
Project Date: May 2011
Scarlett’s expert color sense helped take my budding vision for my new business to the next level. Her color recommendations were durable and intriguing—and I love them! Her colors ultimately helped evoke where I wanted to go with my brand. I had not made such astute color choices on my own! I’m still in awe of the impact her color selection made. And she made it look easy.
It was a true pleasure working with Scarlett and I can’t wait for another opportunity.
Relationship: Client
Project Date: July 2017
I was very excited to use Scarlett’s consulting on the rehabilitation of an old dining set. Her idea was great it should look updated and it was so nice to have someone who understands the value of older pieces. I haven’t had the refinishing done yet, but can’t wait. I plan to have her help with my next phase condo remodel as I down size.
Relationship: Customer of her shop; Saffron & Genevieve
Scarlett Reed is a very talented design professional and she has created a shop that feels like a home. She has a sophisticated eye for interesting objects, furniture, color and textures. Her motto is that you should surround yourself with things that you truly love. Scarlett keeps her inventory fresh by always being on the search for items that she knows her clientele will be happy to have in their homes. I have been a loyal customer for a number of years and can truthfully say that I enjoy all of my purchases. Scarlett is very helpful with design problems and her expertise on color selections is outstanding. I highly recommend Scarlett Reed and her wonderful shop Saffron & Genevieve.
Relationship: Customer of her shop – Saffron and Genevieve
Exquisite taste and direction from ladies with a strong personal design aesthetic. A great place for a unique gift or that perfect place to finish a room. A lovely respite to dream of a more beautiful home. Expert, confident advice is what interior design is all about. And Saffron and Genevieve is all of that.
Relationship: Client and customer of Saffron and Genevieve
Scarlett is amazing. I highly recommend her.  Her store is a delight and she is a phenomenal interior designer.