the umteenth (11th!) countdown to Texas!

I wish he were mine! I think he is just the most beautiful guy.

Just 19 days to lift off! Call me crazy but I am just as exited as ever. This trip I am going again with Colleen Faber, who swears she doesn’t need to come back every time, this will be her third trip, it’s in her blood now. I’m also bringing Robin Slominski of Bistro Chic, it’s her first time 🙂 The vendors seem to be starting earlier and earlier, something about the California buyers coming early. That’s hard for us, because we want to make sure to be there for opening day at Marburger Farms! It is $20 to get in (unless a appreciative dealer you spent a lot of money with the last trip sends you a VIP pass) but you will find the cream of the crop there, and the best displays! These vendors come from all over, Dani and Eric from Patine right down the street from me, Linda and Ludmil of Willow Nest from Cali/Oregon/Texas, Judy Hill and Theresa Cano from Texas, and hundreds more. Did I tell you the antique fair as a whole now encompasses 29 square miles in the middle of nowhere? All of the fields are owned by different people, so there is NO one guide to everything, but there is some good info here, and here. It gets bigger every year, and now that the Junk Gypsies have hit the big time on HGTV (go girls!), I predict some bigger than usual crowds at my favorite haunt, Zapp Hall.


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  1. TeeTee

    Can’t wait to see what you find Red! Living vicariously through you! ;-)))))) Show us finds along the way! It’s sad trying to simplify your life when you’ve done markets and gone here! BUY BUY BUY…for the rest of us too! tee hee

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