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I’m just here is the shop, working away, and I realize today, September 5th, is the day I opened my doors 7 years ago. I know it’s my anniversary month and I am planning a big party, but the actual day is such a big deal to me personally. You can look back and read my posts about the insane 30 days (all I had given myself to redesign the shop), and the various trials and tribulations I’ve gone through. I was just updating my email list and trying to read the handwritten email addresses and thinking “you know, this is a job I could delegate.”

Whoever said money can’t buy happiness did not own their own business. This business is me, and when it struggles, I struggle, and when I struggle, the business struggles. I’m talking to my fantastically awesome new mentor at the CCSBDC, because things can get off track. I say this a lot but although my friends and family and customers and clients are wonderful, I still feel very much alone in this, and one needs to bounce ideas around and talk things through with someone who knows the business or one can go slowly insane (or just feel that way ;). Of course, I am thrilled to say he thinks I am doing a great job! I am once again renewed with hope and ideas and most importantly, MONEY! I feel like I can stop holding my breath now, I can throw a great party (big invite post to come), and go to Texas with a free mind and a load of cash and bring you back the good stuff!

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