zählen die Tage , bis Deutschland mit meiner Liebe

Hi Friends,

I AM SO EXCITED! Not only am I going to Europe for the first time ever, but I am going with this handsome, witty and charming man who will be showing me his Germany. I know some of you are going to ask so I’ll tell you where: We’ll stay with his parents in Erwitte, then to Paderborn, then Suhl (for the international Corvette convention), and then down to stay with friends in Munich and Bavaria. I look forward to local culture, quaint villages, going superfast on the autobahn, meeting new people, trying new foods and beers, and seeing that gorgeous countryside! He is happy (what a man!) to take me to antique fairs and shops, so I will be bringing back sweet treasures for you. I have been brushing up on my high school German, so he doesn’t have to translate everything.
So – I work on Wednesday, we leave Thursday and I’ll be back June 3. I have been frantically/methodically ticking off every little thing on my list so I can leave the shop in the hands of my awesome team and enjoy to the fullest.
The shop will be open while I am away, I think I have priced everything and answered all questions but if I haven’t, please be patient (I know you will).

Alles Liebe,

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  1. So excited it’s almost here. And you’ll be back just in time for my trip to santa cruz mid june. Can’t wait to get the scoops on it all and maybe scoop some fun stuff too! Adios friend.

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