Hi Friends, 

I hope you are having a fantastic 2018. I am thoroughly enjoying this weather, and watching the front yard transformation from my office window. Here is the before and in progress:

I may have stated this before, but this yard is not like a room. It is super sloped in both directions. I have to take it step by step, because it is so hard to imagine! Now that the concrete is in, the dirt work starts. As I write the crew is digging and digging and digging, there is a ginormous pile of dirt that will be removed this weekend. They already made 5 trips with a dump truck last weekend! Irrigation and low voltage lines were just laid, on Sunday they will grade and build some dry stacked stone walls. I think only then will I have a really good idea of the plantings. My Pinterest board is continuously updated, and as usual, I am completely obsessive over every single detail (which is great if you are my client!)

I am mostly settled on a lot of the plants, but still wishy washy on some things, like do I really want a giant Mission fig at the top? I definitely would love a fig (who wouldn’t love free figs!) but is that the right spot for it? If you have any advice I am open, although I am 100% passionate about every single plant, I either love it or I do not. Also, I am on the lookout for an older fruitless olive tree, but not one of those $2000 babies (I wish!) Yes I am asking for free advice, if you have been in my shop then you know I have given more than my fair share of it to anyone who asked 🙂

My awesome clients are keeping me busy too, but I am still accepting new jobs. If you know someone who is looking for a designer please send them my way, or give me a call if you need anything.

I have added some goodies to the blowout sale, lowered prices on the rest, and I have raised the discount in the online shop to 60%! I can’t change it where it says 50% (go figure) so this sale is just for you! Enter the discount code BLOWITOUT at checkout. Here’s a sneak peek of a FABULOUS antique wool rug for sale! I have paperwork that appraises it at $8500, you can have it for so much less! This is just one of the things I have added.

Peace and love to you, 


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