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Hello Friends, I just wanted to check in and ramble a bit. DESIGN: When I first opened Saffron and Genevieve, one of the reasons was to showcase my interior design style. Almost all of my jobs came because one of you walked in and wanted that feeling in their home. Now that I am getting...
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Hi Friends, Many of you have been with me on this journey of shop owning, shopping travels, self-exploration and growth, love, and now the new house. It is so nice to get feedback about my posts! We have been in our new home for almost eight months. You know I have always lived simply and except...
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Hi Friends, First I have to thank you and maybe say you are welcome, the response I got from my post on terra was overwhelming and I so appreciate you letting me know it meant something to you. Now for this eye-opening turn of events. Seriously. Recent circumstances have forced me to go where I...
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