Hi Friends, 

I hope you’re doing well. Me? I’m enjoying life, smelling the roses, working with lovely clients, and piddling along with my online shop. 

I wouldn’t say I am any more or less productive or determined than I have ever been. I’m not searching or looking for my next step any more or less than in the past. There’s so much to talk about and so little that I want to get into. Perhaps I am feeling a little more private than I used to be. When I write here I imagine all of you who I’ve met through my shop, and mutual friends, and many of you who I feel are like family now. But it’s not just you, anyone can read my honest and personal writings. I think because my world feels a little bit smaller now without the shop, my voice is more quiet, when possibly it should be quite loud.

I came across this interview with Bjork. Love her or not, she is a musical and intellectual genius, and her words really spoke to me:

“The only thing you can do is try to please yourself. The more selfish you are, the more generous you are, as contradictional as that sounds. So what I am always doing is just doing what I need to do at the moment. The minute I try to please 5 people, I won’t please anyone, but if I only please myself, I might please 10 people. I will always be myself, that’s kind of something I had better accept. At the same time, one form of acceptance is that I will never stay the same, and everything changes every second, and you can’t freeze frame anything, and I try to accept that as well.” 

Many of you respond to my emails and blogs with such nice words. I so appreciate that and encourage you to continue. You can also comment right here on the blog. I am making a note of all of you kind friends so when I do have an event here in my neck of the woods you will be first on my list with a private invite. If you’ve never written or commented and would like to join us, please do that now. If we’re had even one conversation in my shop where you felt inspired, or felt like you inspired me, please send me a note. I’d love to see you. I have started a private group on Facebook. Feel free to request to join, since it is a safe space I will do everything I can (aka – extreme vetting) to keep it that way.
Here’s a list of events:
  • Classes, what would you like to learn? Tai Chi? Photographing a room or products? Watercolor painting? I’ll provide a great teacher and we can all learn together.
  • A sale of my collected treasures
  • A gathering of people who can each teach one thing to everyone there, a meeting of the minds, if you will
  • A brainstorming session, if you feel lost and need direction, each of us get a chance to brainstorm with the others about it. Yes, I am getting all Barbara Sher on you.
If you’re interested in teaching or doing something, let me know. I have a wonderful outside space here in San Jose, as well as a space in Mountain View where we can meet.
I wrote most of this yesterday, and today I realized that a little spark lit up when the idea of classes came to me. I realized it was a post on Instagram, and the interview with Bjork, and Barbara, and all the women I know who have so much strength, and give me strength. And Today is International Women’s Day. I celebrate with you all. 

Waiting patiently for summer, can’t wait to see you,
PS (I began to write this 3 days ago, yesterday was International Women’s Day, and today I am finally happy with it. Perfectionism can be a problem.)
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