being kind
Hi Friends,  I hope you’re doing well. Me? I’m enjoying life, smelling the roses, working with lovely clients, and piddling along with my online shop.  I wouldn’t say I am any more or less productive or determined than I have ever been. I’m not searching or looking for my next step any more or less...
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My Dear Friends, I’m baack! I know, most of you probably did not realize I was gone. I don’t know why it happened (I was sad, I lost my mojo, I lost my motivation, I had ennui), and I am not sure how I came back. I do know that it happens to so many...
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Hi Friends, It’s possible this is the last blog I will write about the physical store. It’s definitely not the last ever, and I look forward to having the freedom to write about whatever is on my mind. This “move” will be the 40th in my lifetime. I’m really good at it. If this was...
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