final days (and a story)

Hi Friends,

It’s possible this is the last blog I will write about the physical store. It’s definitely not the last ever, and I look forward to having the freedom to write about whatever is on my mind.

This “move” will be the 40th in my lifetime. I’m really good at it. If this was my home I would have had everything packed a month ago, but this is different, I need to sell everything. Nothing is packed and I have just a few days to clear out for the next business. Everything left will be 75% off, I’ll be taking all reasonable offers, putting multiples together and selling them at bulk prices (these bulk prices will have the final discounted price on the tag). I’ll be pulling out all of my tools and supplies to sell. The final days might look more like one of my yard sales, with prices to match. My dream is to be all cleaned up and cleared out on Friday. (Did I ever tell you about my paralyzing fear of beach traffic on 17?)

Of course, it wouldn’t be me if I didn’t have a story for you too.

I’m generally a positive person and I don’t believe in worrying about something that hasn’t happened. That makes no sense to me. Last night I went to a movie, for the first hour I lived in fear that someone would come in to do terrible things. I noted all the exits and although we were in the front row (which was not ideal for my mental state) I was ready to run or get down. To calm myself, I began wishing that some random person came up to this troubled person earlier in the day and said something kind that made him rethink how wonderful the world is and change his evil plan. Sometimes that is all it takes.

That’s a horrible way to live. No one should have to live in fear.

I’m not preaching but I am asking, as so many others are, to spread love and not hate. Be kind to people you don’t know. Don’t join in with the negativity surrounding this presidential campaign, shut down those who do, and try not to let all the violence get you down. The world is a beautiful place and most people are kind people. We can’t let hate and fear win. That is all. Thanks for reading and I hope to see you this final week.

Love, Scarlett

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  1. Ana Paula Teeple

    I went to your store this weekend and the smell of the place still divine, I hope some day you make a special magazine with photos of your store, I’m going to miss that place.
    I’m so happy you shared the wired fear you had at the movie because, I took my kids to see the Secret Life of pets and I waited for the next session just because they only have seats in front. .somehow this wired felling came to my heart..too
    We have to work hard to stay positive we have to make sure we are generous and kind because we are the change our planet need.

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