Hello Friends,

Only 11 more days of my retail shop.

I knew it was coming but I am not ready!

I’m not ready to let you go.

Once I am working from home, I’ll be seeing clients, yes, and talking with sales reps and the like. But I will so miss the inspirational conversations I have with you! Since I announced the closing I have had so many great talks about chapters in our lives, and passages, and how change is SO good. In these 11 years I have been both incredibly happy and high on shop life and you, and also painfully scared and stressed and worried. It’s been educational and wonderful and tough and fun and you have helped me grow so much as a person. Meeting you and talking with you about anything and everything is what I will miss the most. Santa Cruz is no longer my home, but the people of Santa Cruz (and my customers from beyond) will ALWAYS be my favorite people. Y’all are so REAL and open and brilliant and creative and welcoming and just awesome.

I can’t think of a way to continue that.
So 11 years, 11 days left = 11:11, I’ll make a wish…
If you feel we had a connection and you’d like to continue that friendship, please do reach out. I admit I am a homebody but I’d love to hear from you and keep in contact (besides these blog posts, and I absolutely LOVE responses to them). Perhaps we can figure something out together.

Ok now that’s been said. Tomorrow the sale continues and the discount goes down to 65%. I’d like to get the inventory sold and cleared out this week so I can work on selling the nitty gritty bits (tools, supplies, etc.) next week.

Did I say EVERYTHING MUST GO? I’m not taking anything with me, help me out and buy!



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  1. Nancy K Austin

    Scarlett! I’ve been away for a few weeks and tomorrow’s the first Wednesday I’ll actually be around Santa Cruz. Will you be in the shop, and if so, when? I have a 2:00 in Capitola and could come by before or after. Drove by the store the other day and noticed those most fantastic dolls, all in their rows, still there. Which made me think …. And mostly I’d love to see you. Too long. You spring to mind every time I see my beloved steel pieces, especially that killer standing desk. And the dresser. And the lamps. The cowhide rug ….

    If you have time, would you let me know if you’ll be there tomorrow?


    1. Hello Nancy, I miss you and I have been hoping you’d come by. You did buy all the best things from me and I’m so glad that you enjoy them. That gorgeous antique chair is one of my favorites. I’m in on Wednesdays until the end, I hope to see you later.

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