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I just wanted to check in and ramble a bit.

DESIGN: When I first opened Saffron and Genevieve, one of the reasons was to showcase my interior design style. Almost all of my jobs came because one of you walked in and wanted that feeling in their home. Now that I am getting jobs from other sources – referrals and Houzz – I have to work so much harder to convey my message. My new clients have not felt the feeling and might never have seen a home or store in anything but your big name traditional retail. It’s an interesting phenomenon, and I will get the hang of it. More pictures of my finished projects will help, speaking of that:

BATH REMODEL: I don’t regret any of my choices in the bath and closet, it’s a freaking beautiful space. The mirrored closet doors reflect the view from any angle and we love that! There are some finishing touches to be done (paint the window black, baseboards, towel bars…We fired our guy and had to do a ton of work, but the shower at least is finally done and it is so luxurious! We will do the next remodel ourselves and sub out anything we cannot handle. In progress pictures above – awesome black fixtures and view from the loo 🙂

Confused? Missed something? Read this first.

So slowly but surely the online store is being stocked with my favorite furniture, lighting, decorating staples, jewelry, and one of a kind treasures.


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