Hi Friends,

First I have to thank you and maybe say you are welcome, the response I got from my post on terra was overwhelming and I so appreciate you letting me know it meant something to you.

Now for this eye-opening turn of events.
Seriously. Recent circumstances have forced me to go where I never go, and seek out sources I never have wanted to look at in the past. I am oddly accepting of this, and it’s opened my eyes to the reality of life.

What the heck is Scarlett talking about?

My man and I are moving in together! We fell in love with the first house we looked at and will be moving across the valley to the Alum Rock area of San Jose (my old stomping grounds!) For the past few weeks we have been planning exactly what goes where and what we need. We are so freaking excited! One more week!

I have been so lucky with clients and customers for all of these years that let me share my style with them, and my beliefs about where things should come from, and blah blah blah. I really do feel so strongly about this, but guess what? My love of old and original and custom and soul does not always work in every home, and for everyone. Our house was built in 1977, and I feel it calls for a more modern touch. Rustic and primitive don’t work, industrial does not work, clever trends do not work, feminine does not work.

Of course Andy has a say, he has really great ideas, thank goodness we can talk things through and come to an agreement. However, he is a man and he will have his den with a reclining leather sofa with cupholders and the massage chair and the giant tv. I get my own studio for art and projects and etsy picture taking, and the gardens. This is truly a dream come true.

I started with the living room, an incredible space with tall ceilings and dark beams. A pair of extra long Moss Luke sofas will be perfect. My fav Georgian secretary from the shop will go on the window wall and I will use that as my home office (paperwork portion). The light fixture that has been in my head to make for the shop will be so good in there.

The dining room is where this sourcing project started. Of course, Maurice Connolly sphere to light. I have been hoarding a piece of wood for our dining room table top for months. It’s currently getting some massive legs on it, and we will sit around it in Eames chairs. Now I could go through DWR and get originals, but I’d rather put that 2 grand towards the bathroom remodel. So I bought some knockoffs from China. That’s right, full disclosure. However, the company I bought them through are good people. I feel ok with this purchase. However, I will not skimp on the Ralph Lauren indigo grasscloth Wallpaper.

This house is all about the outdoors, it has a huge wrap around deck overlooking my favorite hills (I know, I am so lucky!) so we want some super comfy seating areas up there, and by the pool. I have always either sold my clients Summit or McGuire, and if they did not want to spend that much they showed me catalogs, and I chose the least of all evils for them. Now I am in that boat. I do want quality, but I also want it now and not spend all of our extra money on it. I started out looking at the cheap stuff, but have since found some companies that are quality and I can get them for you – and me – at a good price.

Last night when I was searching for a bedframe, I knew I really hit rock bottom. I actually looked at RH. Yes, I do liken that company to Beelzebub. I think the scale is off on many items, they are crazy priced and icky and they copy everything without a care but there is a bed style I love and guess what, I am going to copy it and make it better!

Don’t worry, there will be many before and after pics. For now, here is my Pinterest board so you can check out the stuff I am pinning.

Circling back to my original statement, I have relaxed my views on mass produced goods. I feel like this was a long time coming and I finally had to accept it. I may be bringing imported items into the shop. It’s ok. They will be good things. If you’re just buying them elsewhere anyway I might as well pick and choose the best options so you don’t have to, and hey maybe it’ll help pay for this house! 😉 The even better news is that I will utilize my sources for all of your furnishing needs. Yeah, I have catalogs, and I will no longer be mortified to show them to you. My least favorite thing to do for clients used to be to shop for things I did not believe in. I do have direct sources that are not the devil and now I will be happy to choose for you and show you what I can offer. If you don’t go through me you’d just go through someone else, so why don’t I just help you? Whoa, major breakthrough…

I know you’ll tell me if I will be ruining the integrity of my shop and myself, but I am not changing, my taste will stay the same. I will just be a little more flexible.


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  1. Judy wallace

    You go girl
    So happy for you
    Love keeping up with you even if I dont see you
    Looking forward to do your new look
    I’m over chippy and rust as well
    Hope to see you soon
    Ps am sending your pick to my daughter, she has that same table with metal legs, purchased at garage sale

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