sofas and chairs at saff and genHi my Friends,

I hope the year is starting nice and smooth for you all.

I am thankful so many of you let me know you’ve embraced the “new” direction I am going in the shop. Times change, people change, tastes change. Here’s one of the sweet responses:

“I absolutely love how you are mixing up with new things. Your store is a beautifully curated dream, but when it comes to my real life I could not always afford to make it happen in my house, so when you mix some new design in, it makes it real and achievable. The soul of your business will never change even when you mix it up a little. As usual well done.” Ana Paula Prado Teeple

Instead of resolutions for 2016 I made goals, here they are:

     * Saffron and Genevieve will be known as the source for not only the perfect gift for yourself and others, with awesome antiques and new pieces but also THE place to find the perfect sofa or chair of excellent quality. I am an expert in all aspects of upholstery, from the wood frame to the gorgeous fabric that covers it, and everything in between. Every one of my customers that have purchased sofas from me throughout these years love them and continue to enjoy them, that is what I strive for.

     * I will reclaim my crown as the QUEEN of color consulting, specifying paint colors for every lovely person that needs help in Santa Cruz and Santa Clara Counties. I was not dethroned, but I don’t think most of y’all know that I am an expert in this field as well, with 20+ years experience. I can save you time, money, and frustration. As I was writing this, a friend texted me to see if I was still doing this. YES. I love doing it because I rock at it.

I tell you this as a way of manifesting, and because I have been remiss in promoting my services and expertise. These two things will be my main focus this year. Please note that the shop is still #1.

PS I found great goods at the San Francisco gift show last week, they will be in the shop soon. Buying trips scheduled so far – Las Vegas next week, Germany and Italy in May, New York in August. No Texas. (what, no Texas?!? I know, I know)

I am SO excited for this year!



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